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Maintenance Programs

Regular maintenance will keep your heating & cooling system operating at its peak performance level. Here are some reasons you should schedule a heating & cooling tune-up twice a year:

  • Ensure your system works at an optimum level

  • Helps reduce your utility bills

  • Prevent costly repair bills by uncovering small problems before they become expensive ones

Gas Heating Service Includes:

  • Check carbon monoxide emission

  • Check gas valve, lines, and connections for leaks

  • Inspect visible ductwork

  • Check unit for peak efficiency (adjust if necessary)

  • Inspect crankcase heater

  • Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect

  • Inspect ignition system and assembly

  • Check and calibrate thermostat

  • Inspect indoor lower wheel, motor, and record amp draw

Gas Heating Service Includes:

  • Clean coils with acid coil cleaners

  • Lubricate fan motors (if accessible)

  • Check refrigerant pressures

  • Check temperature outputs

  • Measure current draw on motors

  • Check start capacitors

  • Check thermostats

  • Check and tighten wire connections

  • Inspect service disconnect

  • Change provided filters

  • Inspect condenser surroundings

Maintenance services are provided during normal business hours.

Maintenance agreement does not cover any repairs, parts, and Freon.

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